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  • Scientific monism

    Nihilism remains one of the hardest terms to define in philosophy. We can easily confuse it with fatalism, which I define handily as “a belief in a lack of order or purpose to life itself.” Such thinking is obviously self-contradictory since we exist in a universe with logical rules, and in which species are squeezed […]

  • Why nihilism is not anarchy

    There are many around you who use language for its flavor. They talk about what they want to believe, rather than what makes sense, because they are trying to construct an identity or an excuse for their own failings. They’re not interested in anything but themselves and how cool they look to their friends. The […]

  • Degrees of nihilism

    If in everyday life, you are asked about continued existence after death by one of those people who would like to know everything but refuse to learn anything, the most appropriate and approximately correct answer is: ‘After your death you will be what you were before your birth.’ For this answer implies that it is […]

  • Inverse Censorship

    We recognize displacement when we place physical objects in water. When it comes to dialogue, however, we are oblivious to displacement, even though we are vigilant against “censorship,” a term which now means any removal of content that isn’t purely illegal/immoral (racism, child porn, stolen information). However, if the opposite of censorship is universal tolerance, […]

  • Rules for Hipsters

    Rules for Hipsters v1.0 Our civilization is collapsing and there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the ride. Part of enjoying the ride is not wasting your time trying to fix problems, or have a job, but becoming important before you actually do anything important. That way, you don’t need to exert yourself, and can […]

  • The “authorities” are wrong

    Civilizations take thousands of years to fully die, or lapse into being a third-world ruin like the primitive people who clustered around Angkor Wat or Tenochtitlan with no understanding of the great civilization that went before them. On the path to collapse, however, dying civilizations first burn any truth they can get their hands on. […]

  • Nihilism

    We’ve re-dedicated this site to nihilism because there are no credible resources for nihilism on the internet. Most people think of nihilism as fatalism, or the belief that no beliefs, values, communications or gods can exist. We have a simpler definition: Nihilism is the perception that no inherent value exists. We can create values, beliefs, […]

  • The Futurist Misanthrope FAQ

    The Futurist Misanthropy movement made waves in 2003 when two of its agents were arrested on charges of plotting to nerve gas certain shopping malls in London, United Kingdom. The arrest was made on the basis of testimony by an informer, but public interest remains in this movement of violent but seemingly fair-minded people. The […]