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  1. Vianni Barragan

    MY GOD!

    Thank you for this page, I am a Nihilist and I can finally find someone else! Plus this page is just freaking amazing. Well I am assuming you are a Nihilist, even if you are or not, you are amazing!!!

  2. ann atta

    …as meaninglessness is a ‘symptom of the universe’ — if i may ‘crib’ from Messrs.
    IOMMI, WARD, BUTLER, and OSBOURNE, ( ;-}) — it’s not relevant at what level of the
    economic spectrum one operates…if an academic intellectual (a cosmologst/philosopher) who
    wrote from a passive perspective on nihilism would expound for us the ramifications of
    current astrophysical theory (the future of an accelerating, expanding universe and its
    ultimate heat death — with or without proton decay — loss of all matter/energy and the
    ability to do work) as a coping mechanism, it may be some small consolation (apologies to
    BOETHIUS) for humankind and therefore MEANINGFUL…

  3. atkin

    Ive read alot on this site. Youre very intelligent. However alot of your opinions are not necessarily backed by alot of fact. It seems you make nihility out to be a fad or something to be sought out like a desperate religious following. At times it is filled with a sorrowful even contemptuous disposition. At times self righteous. In my opinion i dont think you understand the depth of the concept of nihility. You rock back and forth saying “push here but pull there”. Existence exists. Nihility is by essence self defeating / self contradictory. That is its purpose. It is nothing more than a conundrum by implication.

    Should continuing in nihility one will find themselvea at the Y in the road to atheism and agnosticism. And eventually return to philosophys foundation. Ending up as it goes “nowhere” or nihil. Having learned nothing having wasted nothing to gain nothing and to have experienced nothingness.

  4. Bryan Cook

    I considered atheism,which has become an organized religion,just the same as the conventional religions they,the Atheists, harp and bitch about being nothing more than tax exempt businesses that control the masses with an iron fist with manipulation by threats of death and damnation to exert control over the gullible,weak minded schmucks who eat up the paranoid rhetoric spewed forth by the major religious institutions at this point in our earth’s history.The Secular Humanism prevalent in the atheists congregation argue that humans can be moral without an authoritarian deity governing them,but morality is ambiguous,the fact that it depends on what cultural conditioning or indoctrination you are subjected to only serve to prove these,as well as,all paths of belief lead you on forever,every where and no where all at once,cultural laws and norms vary depending on conditioning that a whole Nation of people are subjected to and the taboos that are nothing more than bounds that rigidly manipulate the super-ego into subservience and a Herd-mentality and usually blindly breeds ignorance,the very Cancer that is devouring all of society from the inside and lead us closer to annihilation,where we will achieve nothingness,from which we began.

  5. . Is this site still active? I assume someone is paying to keep it up… I don’t see Nihilism as nothing, I see it as The Real Everything… we need to ally together…
    …………………………………………………………………. -Randy

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