Interview with founder of Citizens Against Utilitarian Socialization

At what point did you realize that society was falling and not rising? Was this an “awakening” for you, or part of a slower process of thought about politics and life?

I can’t pinpoint the exact time I realized society was in a process of decay rather than rise. There were always clues I picked up on even as a child. One of the first things I noticed was that technology and science just seemed to progress towards having funnier gadgets or toys to play with. Or other useless nonsense rather than exploration. I remember being shocked that our ocean depths were 95% unexplored. And likewise although I never had a passionate interest in space exploration the fact that the technology is just being updated from the 60s now is fairly astounding. Mankind built an overly expensive piece of equipment the Large Hadron Collider which seems to me to be more mental masturbation than anything else. A cool toy for physicists to play around with. The idea that the theory of relativity may not be the full story was known long before they built that overly expensive piece of equipment. There was a time when people believed the sound barrier could not be broken but we built a flying machine which could indeed accomplish it. So rather than attempt to build spacecraft to go beyond lightspeed and once again become explorers of the unknown we stay earth bound indulging in various sacred truths you cannot question in the scientific community. These of course being both General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The idea that Einstein was some sort of Ubermensch never goes unquestioned despite Lorentz and Poncaire already having put forward a ‘principle of relativity’ and even E=mc^2 is not revolutionary. Even in high-school physics one is aware that E = 0.5mv^2 — v is replaced by the constant c and the 0.5 is dropped because of the magnitude of c.

In terms of democracy and egalitarianism I always knew that the idea we were all “equal” was an absurdity. If we are all equal then we should indeed be able to see the intellectual output of a mentally retarded person matching that of a genius such as our dear Nietzsche. Democracy is nothing more than mob rule and indeed no freedom even exists in today’s society. It is obvious to see how the media socially engineers the less intellectually endowed or those with some intelligence but lacking in either life experience or common sense to vote for the candidates they have selected. If we had a truly free society, then there would not be laws restricting what one can write and say. Such as a ten year sentence in the EU for merely questioning or even investigating the Holocaust. In Canada it is illegal to publish works criticizing immigration. You are only “free” to think that multi-culturalism is great and that everyone is equal. Questioning the status quo can result in either legal action and/or complete social ostracization. It is a genuine heresy(and indeed a dangerous one) to question the sacred cows the self-appointed elites have created for the caitiff, plebeian masses.

Where you live, do you think most people can understand what you’ve experienced and thought? If not, is it because they disagree, or are they in denial?

Sometimes I feel as though I am the only one who feels the way I do. Some people while they will question certain things such as Christianity or admit that the human race is still evolving or even admit they would prefer to have children with a person of the same race. However, when confronted by something like the destruction of the twin towers, war, genocide, etc. become so offended and just have such a knee-jerk reaction it’s amazing. I feel as though I am living in an occupied government like everyone around has been totally brain-washed. They say such stupid things like “fighting for peace, is like having sex to keep your virginity”. This so-called “peace” they enjoy now was won by war, genocide, slavery, etc. The so-called “democracy” and “freedom” they enjoy was won with bombs, guns, swords, etc. These are the sorts of people that instead of fighting beg for their life so they can continue their sub-human existence.

The thing is most people cannot accept a philosophy of the strong as espoused by Nietzsche and others. The reason being that they are weak, and if the laws created to keep the strong down were eliminated they would utterly be destroyed. They are afraid to die, afraid to rock the boat, afraid to break the status quo, etc. And what’s more some of them are weak so they need to force “equality”. Which is total failure since the strong will always come out on top. They are weak, cowardly, useless and total failures in life. They love lies, they need reality to stay hidden from them. In Nature, the wolves rip apart the cute little bunny rabbits. And the fact is most people are prey.

Can they arrive at the same conclusions as I have? I’m sure some of them have. Do they have the courage to act on them? Most do not.

How would you change the world to avoid this fate?

There is no way this society can sustain itself. So either it will die a natural death with the total collapse and eventual rebuilding of civilization or we can accelerate this process. We need a ruthless, iron leader who is unrestrained by the moral code of the masses. Who stands up to the filth and sub-human masses and says “NO!”. One who is not afraid to indulge in such past-times as genocide, nuclear war, eugenics, espionage, combat, etc. And the men and women possessing even an iota of Promethean character have to accept total responsibility for the fate of the human race and civilization. They have to rise up and take the lead as the true aristocracy of society. Knocking down the so-called self-appointed “elites” and restoring true nobility and honour. It is their sacred duty to do this, anyone who doesn’t is an agent of decay and de-evolution. And if they fail and die out then they at least they went out in a fashion befitting true warriors, proud and defiant to the end. Every young woman and man reading this who fills a fire rising in their belly, and that spark that all great artists felt have to try and become this iron, ruthless leader. Imagine an army of dictators, who could stop them? An army of Saddam Husseins, Adolf Hitlers, Josef Stalins, etc.? They would be unstoppable and that is the sort of elites we need to build. We need ruthless ambition, ruthless belief in destiny and ruthless passion. Indeed genocide and wars are beautiful works of art. Everything great has always been built upon tragedy and conflict. Our ancestors write epics about such things, such strife and conflict.

What made you decide to start “Citizens Against Utilitarian Socialization”? What does the name mean?

I decided to start Citizens Against Utilitarian Socialization because I could no longer sit and watch as the academicians moulded young minds to accept lies. Could no longer sit idle and watch everything I believe in and love be insulted and dishonoured. Dirtied by the sub-human filth.

And I also wanted to meet like-minded individuals such as myself — in person. Individuals who have the same fire inside them I do. Share my interests. Individuals who crave and need harsh discipline. Fanatics who cannot be reasoned with by either force or rhetoric. Uncaring, cold predators. Individuals who follow what Nietzsche would call “master morality”. Individuals ready to burn the world down and build anew.

The typical individual in a modern democracy lives for their own creature comforts for the most part and their own divided nuclear family unit. They usually possess some knowledge but for the most part are ignorant. All they want in live is be happy, live in comfort and be safe and protected. Not for them is going against the status quo. They don’t want to rock the boat. They just want a bunch of cool gadgets to play with. Some vulgar mass media entertainment to indulge in. Some garbage primitive music to listen to. Go out to nightclubs with their girlfriends and buddies, get wasted and hope to “hook up”. Emulate useless celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Indulge in gossip. Sit on their ass and watch as it gets fatter and fatter. Buy trendy products that will be obsolete in 6 months. Live through their favourite sports teams or children — in hopes they will be able to accomplish everything they were unable to. In short, live like a domesticated animal. They are nothing more than consumerist pleasure seekers even if they are critical of capitalism and don’t want to work a 9-5. Will they do anything about it? Not as long as they have their nice quaint sub-urban dwelling, a six-pack in the fridge and other comfortable things. Without even realizing it most people are hedonists living only for happiness, pleasure and comfort. They forget that everyone is a part of the whole and no one is innocent. They are too scared to confront reality.

The name implies we are individuals(citizens) standing in defiant opposition to these sorts of dross plaguing this earth planet. We see them as the enemy.

Do you think it’s true that as people get older and spend more time at their jobs, they stop thinking about what “could be” and spend more time thinking about details? Is there a way for young people to live so that this won’t be their fate?

Most people start off with big dreams in their youth. They keep putting off accomplishing certain things, they’ll do it later or when they have a bit more money, etc. Eventually they realize the best years have passed them by and they come to grips with it. Some people dissatisfied with society are just waiting it out, hoping some day there will be a blitzkrieg and everything will be fixed without having to do anything. It is easy to set a goal for yourself to accomplish, and then become too focused on a particular aspect of said goal and get lost. I have done this myself at times. So I think something similar happens especially if one loses sight of their destiny. Young people have to realize that they are totally responsible for their own success or failure. They have to see what they are capable of. Don’t put things off but live in the present, like each day could be their last. One piece of advice I would give is never count on other people to help make your dreams come true or any external factor. You have to count on yourself for the most part. Hopefully someone who has gone the way before will give you some advice but you can’t live through other people.






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