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    1. Vianni Barragan says:

      MY GOD!

      Thank you for this page, I am a Nihilist and I can finally find someone else! Plus this page is just freaking amazing. Well I am assuming you are a Nihilist, even if you are or not, you are amazing!!!

    2. ann atta says:

      …as meaninglessness is a ‘symptom of the universe’ — if i may ‘crib’ from Messrs.
      IOMMI, WARD, BUTLER, and OSBOURNE, ( ;-}) — it’s not relevant at what level of the
      economic spectrum one operates…if an academic intellectual (a cosmologst/philosopher) who
      wrote from a passive perspective on nihilism would expound for us the ramifications of
      current astrophysical theory (the future of an accelerating, expanding universe and its
      ultimate heat death — with or without proton decay — loss of all matter/energy and the
      ability to do work) as a coping mechanism, it may be some small consolation (apologies to
      BOETHIUS) for humankind and therefore MEANINGFUL…

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