A call to action

We are in the age of illusion.

Our modern technologies and supernatural religions have allowed us to impose a new world order onto nature, one which works in the short-term but is incoherent in the long term.

We pollute, homogenize all cultures, crush the individual spirit and force everyone except the super-rich into compartmentalized jobs.

Our view is that by accepting nothingness, through nihilism, we can see what is of actual value and uphold it, bypassing the denial and illusion of this age.

This is the essence of nihilism.

We affirm realism, not human existential focus, by looking at life as a whole process. A planet evolving higher forms of life; a species coming to awareness; nations as organic entities.

As such, we are the ultimate minority. Almost every member of our species wants an existence focused on individual human drama and the need of humans to feel an outlet for their emotions and desires.

Instead, we offer them cold hard realism from the 10,000 year scale. Humanity is not much an achievement; it is likely we will self-destruct, as most intelligent species do.

The average member of any species acts in a self-destructive way under the illusion that because they face no immediate consequences, this action is not just acceptable but a form of “win” against life itself.

By their selfish, narcissistic and solipsistic behavior they doom the entire species.

This path requires the exceptional person who can accept nothingness and the will to carve something from it, much like creation itself.






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