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  • Power-Nihilism, by James Stillwell III (2017)

    For those who love nihilism, or the idea that there is no One Right Way for us to live and that we each find our own according to our abilities, it is always exciting to see new literature about nihilism. James Stillwell III brings nihilism to public consciousness with Power Nihilism: A Case For Moral […]

  • The Shadow Buddha Trilogy, by Anonymous

    Nihilist literature has never particularly taken off because the mainstream doesn’t understand nihilism, and confuses it with the kind of fatalistic hyper-individualism of Stavrogan or Caulfield. A relatively new author, Anonymous, has made available to readers of three works of a more emotional take on nihilism, centered on the caprice and vertigo of existential […]

  • Rules for Hipsters

    Rules for Hipsters v1.0 Our civilization is collapsing and there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the ride. Part of enjoying the ride is not wasting your time trying to fix problems, or have a job, but becoming important before you actually do anything important. That way, you don’t need to exert yourself, and can […]